Unique U set up an eight week ‘boot camp’ style training course for me and 9 work colleagues. Before the course started CJ and Dan came to meet up with us all and established our previous exercise history and training goals for the next 2 months.

We each had differing levels of fitness but this was catered for perfectly. Each weeks’ circuit comprised a number of different functional activities. All the stations were throughly explained with the benefits of each move made clear. The exercises could all be modified depending on the person’s fitness levels.

The structure of each week’s session allowed for an adequate, body weight exercises, the circuit and then stretches to finish. Again, every aspect of the training was tailored to each person. Working in the small group meant that we were monitored during our exercises to make sure we were working correctly.

Some of the group have signed up for the Tough Mudder event in May 2015 and we’re looking forward to preparing for this with CJ and Dan’s help.

Ste Hancocks

Since joining with Unique U I have developed more than I ever thought I could .

CJ has been motivating and positively harsh to help me reach my full potential. I received a high quality, professional service while enjoying keeping fit and healthy in a secure, friendly environment.

CJ has taught me techniques and tips that has given me the confidence to use independently. I would highly recommend his services.

Charlotte Revill

I had been traveling for a good 19 months and my fitness was to say the least poor! and i had lost some weight through traveling around Thailand. I had first met dan through boxing at aston abc when i was much younger, i personally struggle to go the gym on my own though lack of knowledge which is when i decided to contact Dan! I have been training with Dan now for 4+ months and enjoyed every minute off it.

My fitness has improved massively and feel much more confident about my self and much more knowledgeable. Dan is very easy to get along with and in the short time i have been training with him i feel i have got much stronger and more defined which is what i wanted to achieve!> Through training with dan i also realised that i had scoliosis and we have targeted one side of my back and i feel my posture has improved greatly as well! Dans session are well worth money!

Rob Mcshane

I First met Dan in April of 2012, who was recommended to me when I was seeking advice and guidence to improve my dietry well being, and general fitness. He carried out a thorough personal assessment and then devised a plan to help me achieve my goals. Dan both supported and motivated me, (through good times and bad), and helped me to be in a far happier place now than when we first met. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wishes to change their lifestyle, and can honestly say he has been an inspiration to me.

He has been an inspiration to me!

Siobhan O' Halloran

I managed to gain over four stone in five years and didn’t recognise myself when I looked in the mirror. As I am approaching the big 30 very soon, I set myself a challenge to lose 50 pounds before my 30th birthday and Dan is doing a fantastic job in helping me achieve my goal.

I was not a person who enjoyed exercise and fitness, but Dan has helped me to see the enjoyment in what keeping fit can do for your physical health and your self confidence.

I am more than halfway towards achieving my goal and I already feel so much more alive. My posture and my fitness have improved and I feel a lot happier with myself. Dan is great at keeping me focused; he knows my strengths and motivates me to push myself to achieve great results.

Highly recommended!

Adele Scott

I can’t recommend CJ enough as a Personal Trainer. CJ is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I am pleased with the improvement both in fitness and general health that I’ve achieved. CJ’s training programme, tailored to meet my individual requirements, has worked well for me and it has also been a benefit that he’s always adapted and changed what we do to keep it interesting. I have no hesitation in recommending CJ to others!

Sonny Singh

CJ was my personal trainer in 2012 at fitness first. I found him to be an approachable, hard working trainer that had a knack of getting the best out of my abilities. I benefitted from his instruction with weight loss and more muscle definition which is what I was trying to achieve.
I wish him every success for the future.

hard working trainer!

Brian Humphreys

I had a long serving ambition to take part in the Birmingham half marathon and raise money for a charity that is very close to my heart. I knew this wouldn’t have been achievable if I was to attempt reaching my goal alone so I branched out, and decided to contact someone who could point me in the right direction and help me achieve my goal. Courtney not only assisted me in my fitness but as a result, got me into the best shape I had ever been in. I would highly recommend Courtney for a highly effective, enjoyable and a service well worth every penny spent.

worth every penny spent!

Kate Mason

I would highly recommend Daniel as a personal trainer, as he has the right personality,attitude and desire to help you to achieve your goals. I had always beensceptical about the benefits of personal training, but Daniel has changed myopinion. He always pushed me much more than I could ever do on my own, whilstdelivering sessions that were both interesting and challenging. I have alreadyrecommended him to a number of my friends, and would encourage anybody to takeup boxing training with Daniel as a fantastic way to keep fit.

Michael Billingham

I am Gean, a 63 year old female who has various mobility issues.
My left leg is shorter than my right leg, this resulted in complications from my broken leg 10 years ago.

My whole body has tightened to accommodate this shortened leg. I was unable to go upstairs without hugging onto the banister. I was unable to lift my legs to get in to bed and struggled to step onto small objects. I had a constant lower back ache and would fall often because my body could no longer balance as well as it should.

After assessment and eight weeks of training with my personal trainer CJ my balance improved tremendously. I can now walk for much longer periods of time, I can get into bed without help and best of all I no longer have a back ache.

My whole body feels different, stronger, leaner and I am more confident in parking my car wherever I like without the worry of whether I will be able to walk back to get it. I can even get back to it by jogging if I feel like it.

My whole body feels different!

Gean Eubank

Before training with Dan I was a bit intimidated by personal trainers, but he’s not only changed that opinion but also changed my attitude towards exercise.

Training with Dan is fun, enjoyable and effective. He listened to what I wanted to get out of the training and the particular targeted areas I wanted to work on.

He’s friendly and approachable and knows when to push me and when to accept I cant do something, he’s often adapted an exercise for me if I’m struggling with the technique. I’ve been able to achieve results that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own, Im happier and a lot more confident than I have ever been and everyone has commented on my weight loss.

Worth Every Penny!

Rachel Stroud

I find C.J to be a very good personal trainer, he makes me feel at ease with my training. He is extremely knowledgable in his field and will always go that extra mile to support me. I would definitely recommend him.Since i have started i have seen great improvements and general feel a lot better about myself.

Frances Britton

Having a strong network of health and fitness professionals is essential for my business. When my patients are beyond pain and injury, I recommend they visit Unique U personal training in Birmingham. I’ve seen the results of their work, and not only do they get individuals in great shape, they do it in the safest, healthiest way possible. Keep up the great work guys!

Mark Hutton

Healthy Bodies Clinic

I trained with CJ for 10 sessions over 4 weeks while I was back at home from Uni. I have never been much of a gym goer but CJ has changed this massively! Since training with CJ I have done things I never thought I would – He has taught me so much and given me the confidence to train independently which I didn’t think was possible. CJ is friendly, knows his stuff and he always made me feel at ease. I enjoyed every single session and felt better and stronger after each one. I’m looking forward to training again when I’m back from Uni.

Jo Hoffman